Eating Alone

“But if I must be alone, I refuse to be alone as if it were something weak and distasteful, like convalescence.”

I read somewhere, a quote by M.F.K. Fisher on the art of dining alone. She wrote about her experiences on eating while crossing the Atlantic, enjoying the ship restaurant by herself, at a table in the corner. She thought this was a test of confidence and good training for the palate as well as the soul.

I don’t pretend to compare Tim Horton’s to a first class passenger boat. However, for one reason or another, I’ve found myself eating alone once or twice over the course of the past few weeks.

What surprised me was that I could manage it without staring at strangers, reading a book, or otherwise distracting myself. It’s possible to sit and concentrate on the food and my own thoughts. And all this without feeling sorry or conspicuous.

I almost enjoyed it.

What do you think about eating alone? Hate it or love it?


One thought on “Eating Alone

  1. Yes! I ran across this idea from another source just a couple weeks ago. For myself I think it would be good to get better at it, I often manage but with some homework in front of me…

    Thanks for writing Liv!



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