My Favourite Picture Books

I read a lot of books out loud to little people, but still, I feel like I don’t do it enough. My voice tires easily and I’m guilty of persuading them to ‘read’ it to me, particularly those book versions of Disney movies. I sometimes condense long paragraphs into a few sentences, or read everything monotone, my ears tuning into adult conversation.

However, there are some picture books that I love as much as the three-year old. I never get tired of reading them out loud, and in my experience, they are always a hit with the under five crowd. Here are my favourites.

1) The Spooky Old Tree

Front Cover

This is short, scary and has the perfect ending. It’s also repetitive enough that most kids are able to memorize it, which is adorable.

2) Mr. Putter and Tabby series

Front Cover

All advice on writing for children, says that the protagonist must be within a few years of the focus child’s age. If that’s true, I really don’t understand why a 65-year-old man and his cat holds tireless interest for toddlers.

3) Dr. Seuss anything

Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Brown Can Moo, ABC. Reading rhymes is a hundred times easier than prose, so I’m forever a fan of these fun and fast folumes. Ha.

4) Miss Rumphius

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This book is longer and more involved than most of my favourites, but I love the independent Miss Rumphius and her beautiful legacy.

5) Are You My Mother?

Product Details

A humorously mournful story of being lost and then found.


6) the Olivia series

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These books show a spunky pig in all her well-meaning, but messy, glory. Most of the books also feature pull out pages and have very pictorial humour, which is great for young ones.

7) Goodnight Moon

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This book makes me sleepy just reading it. It’s gentle and has a sort of ritual to the words, which is perfect for bedtime.

8) Caps for Sale

Product Details

Some naughty monkeys steal a peddler’s caps, and he loses his temper trying to get them back! I remember Dad reading this to me, and children still seem to like the monkey’s saucy behaviour.

9) Blueberries for Sal

Product Details

Again, this seems long for a children’s book, but the littlest ask for it. Perhaps the idea of hanging out with bears on a blueberry hill in Maine seems very adventurous. It could also be the contributing factor to their bear obsession!

10) Curious George

And if your child doesn’t find George making pancakes at a fundraiser funny, then I despair!


What are your favourite picture books? I’d love to hear them!


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Picture Books

  1. Right now my two-year-old loves If You See a Kitten, Harry the Dirty Dog, and The Story of Ferdinand. I would add Bread and Jam for Frances, Jamberry, and everything by Phoebe Gilman.


  2. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton always gives me a lump in my throat when I read it to tiny people. Virginia Lee Burton writes the most beautiful and moving stories. There’s also a new book called Julia, Child and it’s the story of Julia Child as if she were a 7 year old child, the illustrations are beautiful. The side stories in Jan Brett books are always a favourite. I have a very long list of children’s books saved on my computer that I may eventually blog about.



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