Every Day

Last week, the trees were still bare; but yesterday I noticed the leaves have unfurled and we’re in the midst of blossoms. As simple as that, touched again by the hand of God, who as I write, is letting rain fall on the wicked and righteous alike.


Pray with reverence.


On a fine large day, with every reason for thanks, sharp words are still ready and waiting. The one more time we can’t handle, comes anyway. But tomorrow (and this is a True thing) stands a new day.

trin in the field

hop skip

Pray with penitence.

And in the second chances, pray with humility.

apple tree


landon's invention

The big boy tinkers endlessly, and those girls are spending more time with a pencil in hand. They correct each other’s shaky spelling, and their growing is not stair-steps, but leaps and bounds. They hold an invisible promise in their hands.

reading with layla


So pray with hope.



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