Junk Foodie

Fact is, singing makes you hungry. So when we churn out of Tuesday night choir practice in the dark cold, we boot it to the nearest drive thru before heading home

But drive thru is not as easy as it looks, and as per Erik’s suggestion, here are our notes and impressions on the way to the perfect after-choir meal.

Tim Hortons

Liv: Why do they never have steak when I want a steak sandwich? Why did I get this coffee? Why didn’t I get a muffin?

Millie: Vegetables. Oh man. I love vegetables.

Erik: I can hardly hold all my donuts and coffee cups….wait, Millie, will you stop holding my hand?

Conclusion: The coffee is bad, but the bread is so chewy, it must be good.


Liv: I don’t have enough stomach muscle to drink this Frosty.

Millie: Our order was so confusing. That poor drive thru woman.

Erik: I need. to. dip. my. french fry. in. my. milkshake.

Conclusion: BBQ sauce and chocolate ice-cream is a strange combination.


Liv: This is the most confusing order board in the history of fast food!

Erik: This double flame throwing inferno Big Crunch isn’t really spicy. Why?

Millie: The chicken is so textured and delicious!

Aimee: Can we drive-thru Dairy Queen? I want a milkshake.

Conclusion: All KFC products taste the same, no matter what spice level is advertised…which is not necessarily a bad thing.


*munch munch*

Liv: *hiccup* I love jalapeno peppers.

Conclusion: Win. All those decisions though…!


Burger King

Liv: This burger is so huge.

Erik: I love my life.

Aimee: This junior burger is so small.

Millie: *snore*

Conclusion: Too much is rarely a good thing.

And since too much is the name of the fast food game…I don’t know how much longer before Millie starts packing us vegetarian snacks instead.




7 thoughts on “Junk Foodie

  1. Haha, this is how I feel about junk food. I disagree on Subway though. I’ve had lettuce that tastes like compost from there too many times…not that I normally eat compost or anything.



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