I rang in the New Year while half asleep on the couch, sitting beside a man I barely knew existed last December 31st.

They say that things change quickly, but I’ve never seen it to believe it. Until this year.

And so it shifts how I think about my goals and plans for this shiny-bright New Year. What resolutions? What things to put on my list? Which ones to check off?

I hesitate to set a course for myself these days, because this year of many, I’ve seen how much better a job of it God does. He gives more than I know to ask for. Really!

He gives me Good.

So the truth is, this New Year’s Eve I felt curiously free from the pull of anxiety. Not worried about getting stuck in ruts, or making my life count for something.

It’s as if God has taught me one thing this past year. That my plans are not always His, and this…is a wonderful, daring, freeing thing.

For 2016 then, my resolve is trust and gratitude. Who knows where it’ll take me?

Answer. The One who loves me best.


3 thoughts on “2016

  1. Lovely post. Makes me realize I need to spend more time reflecting on what God has done for me and not just on all the little plans and routines I want to create for myself.



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