January is for Intentions

Unable to make my own New Year’s Resolutions, I find myself pleasantly swept along into other people’s.

Once a month, I’ll be writing with two friends to a timer, our own expectations, and self-discipline’s demands. Which up until now have not proved enough to keep me on writing’s straight narrow. Perhaps this time… it will be different.

So I’ve committed in this way, to blog more, and blog better. The only thing that remains to be decided…is what to blog about.

Waiting for inspiration to strike is a sketchy business, of course. It is never there when you need it, and I’m convinced that most good things have been written without it.

Looking to other blogs is of little help either. What’s In My Purse?, the posts are entitled. You want to see what is in my purse? Really?


Nothing glamorous, is what. And the second most interesting thing that happened today was identifying donair stains on my gloves.

Pinterest is rife, of course, with lists of blogging prompts, journaling inspiration, monthly challenges. What are your favourite colours? Some little known facts about you? Your best day ever? Jump higher, blogger, jump higher!

This is a longer story than necessary, but the short of it is that I will try to blog this year. I will sit down and write more often. I will even write to cheesy prompts. I’ll start taking pictures again.

What’s more, I’ll consider the words in my head something (mostly) worth saying.Whether it’s here or in the Word documents peppered across my desktop…I’ll write. This year.





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