Five Minute Friday: Alive

If I knew how dead I had been, would I live this day differently?

If I felt the full weight of rot, unrelieved by a changed soul, could I close my eyes at night?

If I had fully seen the inside of my soul, would I be stunned all the better by Grace? By the life that pours over me even now, dropping like blood…the truth to my lies.

Would then, this Friday night sun set on peace not complacence? Rest, not a mind numbed. Freedom, not anxiety.

Alive, not dead.

“Out of the depths of ruin untold

Into the peace of Thy sheltering fold”

Happy weekend, my friends!


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Alive

  1. Grace is such a vast concept when you really start thinking about it, isn’t it? Blessings to you!

    I’m a little late to the Five Minute Friday party, but I finally got here and I’m your neighbor this week. 🙂

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