For Learning to Read

Last year at this time, I posted my favourite picture books to read. I also asked you for yours, and I had many happy trips to the library in the weeks afterward!

Now the littles are striking off on their own reading paths, which is surreal and wonderful at the same time. I’ve also tutored some students at the same transitioning stage of letters and words…and there are some books that consistently come up favourites.

There is an added sweetness too, because many of these stories are the same ones that I remember reading as a little girl. It seems the best kinds of books are the ones you can share.

1) Go Dogs Go!

I don’t know, do YOU like my hat?

2) Frog and Toad Together

Somehow, these stories are completely relatable. Or maybe it’s just me...

3) Miss Moppet

Oh, how we love thee, Beatrix Potter!

4) Hop on Pop

Most Dr. Seuss books are simple and with the help of rhymes, easy to read. The only challenges are those nonsense words!

5) Little Bear

Classic stories and beautiful illustrations.


Do you remember the books you loved when you first learned to read?

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