Five Minute Friday: Unite

Join us as we write for five minutes every Friday.

United puts me in mind of slogans, banners and poorly made protest signs.

And generally, united, in the popular sense of the word is not something that appeals to me.

I don’t want to be united into sameness. I don’t want to identify so strongly with a group that my own thoughts become a rhyming, chanted cliche.

Does united mean sameness at all?

Or does it mean a common thread?

Like the weave of woolen rainbow fibers stretching in one direction, we’re caught together sometimes by only one line of another colour.

One binding fact that unites and creates the kinship we so crave. “Diverse, yet truly one.”

I realize I’ve had that in my head since I started writing. So all this then to say…it’s true.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Unite

  1. Hi, Olivia, I love this line: “weave of woolen rainbow fibers stretching….” I can relate to your desire to be autonomous. Certainly, it is a beautiful balance of uniqueness and interdependence. Great exploration of the word. -Your friend in spot 54



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