What I Learned in April

I’m linking up here today, where we share what we’ve learned this month.

  1. Always. Always, always, always use the bathroom just before you board for a 4 hours flight. Especially if you just drank coffee.
  2. Hippos do not swim, but actually walk along the river bottom. (thanks Margaret!)
  3. Joy (the film) is based on a true story. Which makes sense because why else would you make a movie about mops?
  4. Libraries aren’t the stereotypical hushed houses of learning anymore. They have been hosting hen parties that last few times I’ve gone.
  5. A little dab of toothpaste will clear up a pimple overnight. It’s the truth!

2 thoughts on “What I Learned in April

  1. Number one is very true. My recent problem was having to go the bathroom so badly by the end of a flight, but deciding I could make it until we landed, and then it turns out the airport didn’t have ANY bathrooms until the OTHER side of customs, so I had to explain my current immigration status to the officer while practically hopping up and down.

    I also watched Joy on that flight! Based on the trailer I saw you would never know it was about mops. Your comment is so true.


    1. My condolences on the bathroom experience. I had to tip toe through the airport, lest the movement of my heel hitting the floor precipitated peeing all over the airport. Never again!



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