Dear Mom

Have I ever told you?

Thank you for teaching us to be on time, and to never flake out on commitments.

For teaching us to bring more than our share to potlucks.

Thank you for teaching the importance of discerning between navy blue and black. Thank you for brushing our hair.

Thank you for taking us to piano lessons and teaching us to read.

For that time we read a biography on Rachel Carson and the other time we read about Milton Hershey.

Thanks for letting us mess up your kitchen, and freeing us from the confines of measuring cups and spoons.

Thank you for making us set the table every Sunday and giving us warm tapioca pudding for dessert.

Thank you for telling us no when we wanted to watch movies, and yes when we wanted to have tea parties in the gazebo.

Thanks for wearing Dad’s jean shirts before chambray was a style and for spending days and days in the flower garden.

For the times you moved the piano without any help. And each time you painted the house, inside and out.

Thank you for showing us what hard work looks like, what focus means, and what true independence is.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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