NaPoWriMo: Part 5

So the month fizzled out with this challenge not completely met…But I thought I’d share the last few poems I wrote before time got the best of me.


exhaustion, like a gently

settling blanket

comes over me at dusk



noise maker, cheese eater

whisker wearer

night nibbler, tail scrabbler

in the dark traveler

heart thumps, eyes roll

turn, flailing

fist goes out, thumps the wall

back to sleep



Not Cinderella

my sister’s prettier, sweetest and fair

and poverty wins all the sympathy

is it my own fault I was born with too much?

and sisterhood stepped on

my crooked plain face?



iced wind under my hood

a sunglare squint from

too long inside

it’s a pussy willow spring



It starts with pride and blooms

to anger

burning holes in loving hearts

hating, it seems, can be an art



the chords that bind our hearts

at times groan against

a force of grace that gives the will to strain and find

a way to make this work.




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