Inspired by a baking show, I set my mind to make four British ‘puddings’ on the long weekend. They are the stuff found in novels and as I researched recipes I was reminded of references from Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, and there is something tremendously Pickwickian about a dessert called, Queen of Puddings.

Most British puddings are a straightforward combination of bread crumbs, suet and jam. There is nothing subtle about the sweetness and their flavour is non-complex. I discovered that sauce is the key to these desserts, and all those mentions to custard and clotted cream in The Castle of Adventure, suddenly made sense.

Treacle Tart:


I had no idea that ‘treacle’ was simply golden syrup, which I bought at Sobeys and didn’t even need help finding. It combines a semi-burnt sugar flavour with the lemon and breadcrumbs that form this tart’s bulk.

Queen of Puddings:


This is a layered pudding, with fluffy bread pudding on the bottom, black currant jam, and then a topping of meringue. The whole thing is served warm, and I found myself distracted by the bread pudding. It transformed to such a tender, fluffy consistency, that it outshone  the meringue in my opinion.

Roly Poly Pudding:


This pudding typically features suet in the crust, but I cheated. The roll is crisp, and sticky from the jam filling. I served this with custard and it was slurpishly good.


Sticky Toffee Pudding:

Er – we ate it all. A light date cake poured over with three plus cups of toffee sauce. Yes please!

And now cue the sugar high. I think the next taste testing needs to be something as salty as it comes!

6 thoughts on “Puddin’

    1. I can attest to the “goodness” of each one of these puddings. Kate added to the overstuffin’ that took place. I can only assume that those present were prone to jitteriness the next day. Good job, Liv!



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