T is for Tutorial, No for No Thanks


I have several things to say about pallet wood and ‘Pinterest things’.

First, I love them both dearly.

Second, my father, sis-in-law and I are so late to the pallet bandwagon that it is no longer cool, but pretty much crafting status quo.

Third, we don’t really care.


And fourth, I’ve been thinking lately about identifying what I actually like, rather than trying to like things I don’t. Truth is, I will never be a blogger who likes to write tutorials.

So no tutorials there will be.


12 thoughts on “T is for Tutorial, No for No Thanks

  1. Please define “cool”…because I for one still think it’s pretty cool to make something beautiful out of something so…so…utilitarian. Xoxox 😎

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  2. See, this makes me happy! We can get so bogged down in trying to blog what we should that me stop enjoying it. Every blogger is different, and every blogger’s calling is different. I’m glad you’re satisfied with that, because you should be. πŸ™‚

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  3. It looks great! One of Gretchen Rubin’s rules of adulthood is “everything looks better on a tray.” So true! Also her number one rule, Be Gretchen, applies to this post as well. Be Olivia!
    (Be Emily includes talking about Gretchen Rubin too much, apparently).

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