What I Learned in May

linking up to this lovely list of learning things

  1. Even when something is staring me in the face, I can still be utterly surprised.
  2. A Bloody Caesar is the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary…the only apparent distinction being Clamato juice vs. V8.DSCN2183
  3. You know that spurt of saliva that happens sometimes when you open your mouth to eat? Well, turns out it’s called gleeking.
  4. Some people craft and create, in quest of perfection. I realized this month, that I do the exact opposite. I make things, to be as messy as I please.IMG_0620
  5. Effect or affect? This month, I finally understood that I will never know.
  6. A German cult, the Colonia Dignidad,  was established in Chile during the 50’s – apparently one of many that sprung up under the influence of fugitive ex-Nazi’s.
  7. I can not end a phone conversation gracefully. Nope.
  8. In New Brunswick, it can snow in May.

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