Dear Dad

Thank you for reading the Little House series out loud, not once but twice.

Thank you for that time we drove through the woods after dark on a tractor.

Thanks for teaching me to plant a seed by pushing until the dirt reaches my first knuckle.

Thank you for letting me use your tools and eat your food. For keeping the driveways clear of snow.

Thank you for being cheerful in the morning and being the last one in bed at night.

For the BBQ, hard cider and distrust of avocado.

Thank you for the times you scared us to death in the dark at bedtime.

Thanks for watching letting us watch Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, and the Beverly Hillbillies.

For making me decide my own mind and refusing to major on the minor.

Thank you for driving us to early morning singing lessons. For all of your very own songs that we thought you invented.

Thanks for teaching me the importance of feeding the chickens well, and doing most of the mucking out yourself.

For not being afraid of messy things, for getting rid of mousetraps, sending strange emojis and loving us best.

Happy Father’s Day!




3 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Your mother was always annoyed when I made you girls scream but deep down, even though you were scared stiff, I knew you delighted in that “scared-stiff state”. xoxo ❤️

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