Summertime Leaning

Like everything (even the Strawberry Moon), blogging waxes and wanes. Not because of the weather or workload…I find myself coasting into summer with few commitments…but only and ever my lack of ambition.

Instead my thoughts run on their hamster wheel, letting off occasional bursts of steam from my ears. No, not my ears…my mouth.

Today, in the ‘womb of the morning’ I rolled out of bed and wrote in my journal for the first time in a few weeks. A much better way to work out the mental energy than bursts of spring fever.

Summer is here and even though every part of me wants to continue the mental churning, I won’t.

Please God, I’ll let the sunshine slow me, slow my words, slow my leaps from here to there. Eat some greens, scramble an egg and learn contentment all over again.

Happy June, friends. What are your summer goals?


3 thoughts on “Summertime Leaning

  1. You need an irresistibly comfortable and cozy hammock in the shade of those century old apple trees… where you can relax… while your creative juices run over all the hills of past… present… and future… until they fall exhausted… with your mortal frame… into the sweet, hazy warmth of a summer nap.

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