In the land of the greenhouse, where there’s a weave lying in the parking lot and frogs at night sound like horror movie monsters.

Where people are so nice, or so grumpy and there is nothing in between.

In the place where Bonanza plays on the ancient TV of a barber shop, and people get hugged before they get their hair cut.

Where we walk out back of the BBQ joint kitchen and talk to the cook sweating over his smoker.

Where old ladies drive huge white cars. Where everyone’s children are ‘baby’.

The place where peaches are poems, and sweat is a way of life, and you watch where you step and nobody is hurrying anywhere.



3 thoughts on “Warmish

  1. “… where peaches are poems …”
    Love it!

    I am so glad that you are getting introduced to the Dragon’sBreath before you say “I DO”…

    Not because I think that it might give you pause or dissuade you… but… I am happy for Wesley to know that you are prepared… or, at least willing&able to “get prepared” to embrace TheDifficulties with TheDelights.

    Happy for you both… and for those dear to you both!

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    1. Oh this is so true, Mr. Dickinson! There has always been a lot of joy, when we realized that The Difficulties were not enough to push us apart. And this heat is no exception – a blessing in disguise. Much love to you and Mrs. D. I’m sorry to be missing your visits. We need to catch up sometime soon!



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