25 for 25

Note to self. This year…you should:

1) pray more, and pray well

2) get married without losing your cool

3) ask forgiveness, instead of saying “sorry”

4) grow more gray hairs

5) take walks

6) remember that thing called contentment? yeah – that.

7) eat a fresh fig

8) paint some walls

9) pay attention to all the words of a hymn

10) hold hands

11) read more poetry

12) think less about who you want to be, and more about who God is

13) make tiramisu

14) find a deodorant that actually works

15) learn to sit still

16) vacuum your bedroom every two weeks

17) write down the garbage thoughts, instead of speaking them

18) hydrate

19) make a new friend

20) learn some knock knock jokes

21) eat a lot of greens and far less cake

22) compliment strangers

23) learn patience with the internet

24) encourage from Scripture rather than your own imagination

25) let go



9 thoughts on “25 for 25

      1. 1) Me too.
        2) I think I accomplished this.
        3) Very wise.
        4) Maybe…
        5) I have been walking a few evenings a week – definitely a good idea.
        6) Contentment, so important but so hard.
        7) Many, many years ago I ate a fresh fig. I should do it again.
        8) Nope. I have given up on the idea of painting. (“Be Margaret.”)
        9) I need to do this as well.
        10) I could use more hand holding in my life.
        11) Yes! Maybe I should start poetry teatime.
        12) More wise words.
        13) It has been many years since I made one of these. Mmm.
        14) This will be crucial when you move to the South!
        15) What I need to do is make my brain sit still.
        16) Ha! I am a terrible vacuumer.
        17) Oh yes, I should take this advice too.
        18) Drink more water is part of every resolution I’ve ever made. I’m actually doing quite well lately.
        19) I’m working on that. (Went out for coffee with someone last night.)
        20) Knock knock jokes? Thankfully my kids haven’t reached that stage yet.
        21) So, so hard. But I did freeze spinach/kale ice cubes to throw into smoothies.
        22) Good one. I never do this.
        23) I should learn patience with the internet and/or just get offline more often!
        24) I love the way you put that.
        25) I’m trying to let go. How about growing vegetables and painting walls for starters?


        1. I gave my mouse a workout scrolling up and down while reading your comments. haha. Of everything I could add, I’ll just say this: every time I vacuum, I am so satisfied that I vow to do it weekly from then on; repeat several weeks later.



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