This is today. The first breath of the rest of my life.

No flinching or looking back.

The man came up from the kitchen with a bucket of popcorn and a beer. He said, I just realized down there how much change you’re facing.

It’s intimidating. Thank you. And our eyes plead, please never leave me.

Still me, habits still will cling. While others I’m hanging up in the closet with my winter coat.

I’m full of intention, and with every right, I have expectation.

This is the free fall, the first step, the point of no return. The breaking blessing, my worth every minute and this, is the day it begins.



7 thoughts on “Monday

  1. One in SavingUnion with the Savior lives in TwoWorlds… for as long as he/she travels the RoadOfThisLife.

    – They are a RedeemedSinner in a FallenWorld… where the Brokenness and Sorrow (inwardly&outwardly) become more and more (not less) oppressive with every step toward Glory.
    – They are Heirs of EternalLife… NewCreatures… who are “OneWithTheSavior” justified… sealed… seated in the heavenlies – destined to be “TheBeloved” of the King for ever.

    What a comfort the Love&Care of the GoodShepherd is to such as these!
    What a blessing to have as one’s lover and intimate friend… a fellow saint! … who knows something of TheSorrow and TheJoy!

    May your heart be settled and established by an Eternal&Unchangeable Love… as you navigate the exhilaration of “FreeFall” and are enabled to make the many adjustments that are necessary for you and Wesley to experience the “Oneness” that our Heavenly Father planned for you both – long, long ago.



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