What is the Moon Made Of?

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Where the people have unkempt hair, sporty jackets and a chip on their shoulder.

A place where books are piled up behind the door and there are blue willow mugs, and Little Debbie cakes on the kitchen table.

Scrubby pines clinging to the side of a mountain, stubborn and tenacious like the woman serving coffee.

An old man in a blue sweater, who tells us that no matter why we fight, always start each morning with, “Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?”

Eating crab cakes in a restaurant, clam chowder at a bar.

Drinking Moscow Mules and blueberry champagne and arguing over how long it takes us to get ready in the morning.

Getting lost and listening to Modest Mouse. Asking forgiveness. Memorizing each other’s scent.

It’s the world between worlds and just before life changes, there is a taste as sweet as honey.

6 thoughts on “What is the Moon Made Of?

  1. The ManInTheMoon… WomanInTheMoon… is both “Foreign” and “Familiar”…
    … more distant than many I have never met…
    … … closer than many I call family and friend.

    I know, for many reasons, that we share a mutual interest in each other… but it is hard to understand… and more difficult to explain…
    … like gravity.

    It is an old relationship… very old… … … so old that I cannot remember it beginning…
    I cannot imagine it ever ending… though I suspect it will/must… … … But,
    only because something/SomeOne more captivating comes between.

    That will be “TheLove” to live and die for.

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    1. In 1952 September’s FullMoon fell on 03&04September…
      soooo… I was born under a WaxingFullMoon!
      That may/or may not explain the “Enchantment”.

      The truth probably lies closer to Home… …
      – a Sovereign Savior/Creator… who loves me more than all His creation…
      – a KindProvidence that has led me THROUGH many dangers, toils and snares…
      – a godly, romantic spouse/lover… who delights in ‘simple pleasures’…
      – two loving, creative parents who taught me to ‘wonder’, ‘admire’ and ‘aspire’…
      – six energetic and creative children who are gifted in the ‘Art of Surprise’…
      – a growing number of grand-children whose desire to keep me young will eventually precipitate my death… … which, as you know, I am looking forward to with GreatAnticipation!

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