Making Home

I promised people I would blog about everyday more, and meanderings less…so here I am with the most ordinary of pictures.

A messy apartment. A stubborn Ubox door. Unloading boxes four days before Christmas. A lot of finishing nails. Eating out more than we should.

Don’t look twice, nothing glamorous here! Just a couple of happy campers and some sunshine. ❤

dsc00087 dsc00086 dsc00085  15782488_1051330214996684_1956972108_n15822289_1051330148330024_1303245884_n dsc00023

2 thoughts on “Making Home

  1. Happy the Camper… who can live comfortably in “ThePresent”.
    Doomed to discontent are all those who are waiting for “Perfect” to be happy and content.

    Our Real and Abiding Treasure (That which never looses interest and perpetually satisfies) is kept safe… where
    time cannot erode,
    thieves cannot break in and steal and
    fire cannot consume.

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