Five Minute Friday: Now

Now what?

Tumbling, falling into a free fall of street names, landmarks, unfamiliar bugs.

Now what. Did I hear you correctly? Your answer of quiet in the chaos.

Now is the time? To live and breathe?

But how do I do that now? When getting dressed is digging through a suitcase and I’m always forgetting to lock the doors.

This isn’t the time to be thankful or calm. Now is the time for expectations and demand!

Except for one thing.

It is never time for expectations and demands.

So I’ll listen, please say it again, Lord.

That now is the time to obey and rejoice. And again He says, rejoice.



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Now

  1. Even the “Most Organized” people… the ones who “Have&HoldItTogether” much of the time… will spend the largest part of their lives “Responding” to CircumstancesBeyondTheirControl.

    That’s the way of it for creatures!
    Happy the man… happy the woman… the boy… the girl… who figures that out early – – and…
    remembers it!

    Our Pay-Grade and Privileges will never take us beyond AbsoluteDependence upon a SovereignlyAdministeredProvidence.

    ThanksBeToGod for Mercy&Grace!!

    One heart-beat at a time… One breath at a time… One step at a time… One day at a time…
    We move from Past to Future through a seamless Present.

    May we always look to and depend upon the One who inhabits Eternity for the Wisdom, Strength, Courage and Humility that we need to play our part well… so that when we close our eyes on this world, where-ever and when-ever we inhabited it, we will be received into His presence forever.

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