New Year, New Habits

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Wesley sometimes takes pellet shots at squirrels, but after giving me a camera for Christmas, he shuffles quietly around the backyard to take pictures of them (and birds) instead.

And so it goes with this coupling of lives. What we used to do, is now checked, discussed and carefully balanced. We say our piece and then drop the subject. We choke back i told you so. We apologize a lot, and still not as often as we should.

Most of the time, we don’t effortlessly do well at this marriage gig. Then other times, we experience triumphs of soul desire over flesh and the next day we say, yesterday you were so sweet about that. i noticed. i’m watching.

I want to live in a perpetual age of perfection, which of course, is not the point. So instead I find the promise of a long view. That the joy of marriage is it takes a lifetime to figure out and that neither of us are planning to go anywhere.


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