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Sometimes, you just have to hit the road and squabble and laugh and try not to watch the clock.

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Sometimes you need to look for the sun beams, not the invisible snake of your nightmares.

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Sometimes you need to shake people’s hands when you feel tired. You can never predict a friendship.

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And there is nothing better than seeing your friend, with his friends.

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Hydrate. Often.

dsc00287 dsc00289

And sometimes, the very best thing is driving home in the night. Quiet roads and quiet hearts.




6 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. Fun, fun, fun….on the autobahn.
    Fun, fun, fun…..on the autobahn.

    No wait….wrong song……

    Sweet home Alabama!

    There, that sounds about right.


  2. There are few joys sweeter than “driving home in the night” on “quiet roads” with “quiet hearts”.
    Keep writing! and taking pictures!!

    Where is the John4:13,14 Spring?

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