A Facelift

There are fond memories of this dresser, which we dragged back from an auction at 1:00 in the morning.

It is also less fortunately, the dresser with cigarette burns and rat nibbles.

So we worked together to make it usable, which is an adventure in itself.

Because if there are two people who approach projects in a more entirely different way than Wesley and I…please, please raise your hands.

I now have a complex about my painting.

Wesley was forced to finish his part while sleep deprived from work.

In many ways, this dresser confirmed more than just my love for the colour blue.

It taught me that Wesley and I can both be difficult people.

That we are also pretty good at getting over it.

And that if we can love each other while completing a project

…the future is bright.

15978851_1061089744020731_1139057734_n Β  15996093_1061089740687398_1377351007_n 15970110_1061089427354096_1199358117_n 15970781_1061089394020766_357091868_n15995590_1061089367354102_1714676891_n 15978403_1061089364020769_725351440_n


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