To Forgive

When he asks me to forgive him, it’s harder than I think. Not to say the words eventually, but to be quick and true to it.

Then on a morning when there is soup and sunshine and all the blinds are up, I hear it.

That Jesus…not dutiful, obliged or bound, is faithful to forgive.

Faithful, even in our anguished false guilt. Even in our efforts of humility.

He’s there the same. Gently lifting us when we give up, saying take hope. This too I’ve died for.

Not like your wife, husband or child, but faithful to forgive every time. No patience running out, no blood misspent. No rolling of His gracious eyes.

And the smallness I feel when I think of this Grace, is where I want to spend the rest of my days. Free from the weight of failure and striving to offend Him least.

Let me walk in this softly, Lord.






4 thoughts on “To Forgive

  1. Wonderful exercises, Olivia… in PracticalTheology and GodlyLiving!
    May He who is able give you… and those dear to you… your hearts desire.

    Of all the gifts that “RedeemingLove” enables and empowers “Forgiveness” is very close to pre-eminent. It is out-ranked only by “that sacrificial love that is willing to part with all” for the sake of “TheBeloved”.
    It should not surprise to learn that the key to the one is the cultivation of the other.

    Let TheRedeemedOfTheLord exercise themselves in the Life&Love of their Lord… not fearing the shadow of death… exploiting their liberty to forgive with the same extravagance as they have been forgiven… looking to Jesus – the Author and Finisher of their faith.

    Soon… sooner than we expect… they/we shall be where Sin&Death cannot follow… and “forgiveness” is a memory of a life that is past.

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