Wedding Throwback

When we received our wedding photos, we poured wine, sat down on the only piece of furniture in the apartment, and talked our way through the entire album.

Pictures call back the memories like nothing else can, and at a picture of the nieces, I cried because their faces were too much happiness at once.

We remembered how the moment before we became man and wife, we both saw a rooster scratching around outside the window, and smiled at each other.

When the first flower girl came down the stairs and how we all started to cry, and Wesley gave her thumbs up.

I remember looking out over the people who’d traveled to be there, and seeing the peace in my parent’s face. Hearing the tears of my bridesmaid.

How the sight of my own pies astonished me, and I couldn’t stop thanking the kitchen crew, and Erik for his emergency doughnut run.

We remembered the constant gratitude in our hearts that day, to all the people who gave their most precious thing…time…to be with us. And how generous our families were in the months leading up to that day.

We remembered the emotions of each speech, and how people’s words played in our head throughout the honeymoon. During that transition, they worked as a reminder of what we’d been given and how much love is before and behind.

And we remembered our first moments of the reality sinking down to our toes. That the wait was over…and we got to go home together for the rest of our lives.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Throwback

  1. “Thank you” for sharing so many precious pictures…

    Your WeddingDay was a Portal into Blessing!
    For several hours… familiar faces and places were transformed.
    What we saw… What we heard… What we tasted… What we shared… …
    … … was Blessed!

    It was TheEnd of waiting… … and it was TheBeginning of two BlessedLives becoming one.

    Thanks be to God!

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  2. Beautiful memories and pictures. It was an awesome day for sure. But…..if that was peace you saw on my face, I need to sign up for the World Poker Series. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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