Love Week

Not limited to a day, this week was a Valentine’s extension. Each day waking to a circle of company, towels and shoes in little piles of possession. Every other moment, remembering why God gives us families to share, and knits together new ones.

Mornings spent meeting the sunshine. Nights of toasting and a pretzel. Another in worship remembering that no matter what, we must seek fellowship with Christ, and with those who follow Him.

Meals from different continents and more silliness from joy then the World will ever understand.

A love, stronger than two people, stronger than three, and growing faster than we know. Not according to our plans or feelings – but truer than one we could invent ourselves.

A Jesus love that is a balm applied to us. And a love that heals hurt feelings, ruined expectations or being rear-ended in evening traffic.

Love that casts out the fear of goodbyes. Distance. Loneliness. And a love that stands on the promises of His word.

This is not a good world, but we have a good God. And this week, was more than we deserved.

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