The Sweet in Home

Someone told me to find the things I loved about my new home, and to start small. The inner circle of happy things that make me glad to be resting my feet on this red, pine straw soil.

And so it goes, that I’ve been looking and I’ve found.

The random strip of marble print threshold in the bathroom. Foolishly posh looking against the tile and fraying carpet.

The under the stairs, all cement cubby, that happens to land not only in the middle of our apartment, but in the exact middle of our whole building. The perfect place for tornadoes and a tonic to my fears.

The neighbour who plays guitar and sings out on his balcony, playing with gusto for an audience of squirrel and robins.

An extra room where paints, fabric and all manner of things can remain strewed out, in no one’s way.

And the accurate oven that doesn’t have a hot or cold side, or a missing burner, but behaves exactly as an oven ought.

These things, not  only for my comfort, but signs and wonders of a loving God. Extravagant, protecting, lovely, generous and kind. Each thing to each praise.

And amen! Have a blessed Sunday, friends. xo



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