Five Minute Friday: Purpose

Keys, glasses, purse, papers and waiting by the door. Ready to go, until he decides to make coffee, and then I get hungry. He’s in the bathroom and then when he comes out I’m changing my clothes again.

Purpose on most days, and especially Saturdays, is in short supply.

But purpose to love? Purpose to laugh?

That is piled up, shaken down and running over.

I never thought marriage was a joke, or a picnic, or any other thing that people warn you against with a smirk and knowing nod.

We’re born skeptics, carefully bracing for the kick of hurt that always seems to come when things get too happy.

What I didn’t expect was the joy of friendship and the comfort of that person who God gave you for better or worse.

And we were also born to believe that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but one of faith.

So standing there again, we purpose to keep drawing love from Him and to share it with each other.



3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Purpose

  1. Love this. Marriage hasn’t been so much nicer than I expected it’s to be, and I didn’t expect it to be bad. God is so kind to us!



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