If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….

trip for a truck and time to spare

means buying clothes for the first time in 4 months

two hours from home means making things worth your while

the beach means flip flops

the flip flop store means someone’s aunt and her gumbo

gumbo and shrimp at a fish shack

means a nightcap down the road

full bellies and sleep eye means the call of a hotel

and hotels on the beach mean a morning of sun and waffles

and new clothes to change into the next morning.

The Lord loves us in the little things and this weekend, there was abundance.

8 thoughts on “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….

  1. Sounds like AWonderfulAdventure!

    Such is TheMysteryOfProvidence!
    The Decree (more popularly embraced as TheLawOfCause&Effect) often leads us down (or “up”) paths that we never would have planned on taking… leading to consequences that couldn’t/wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves.
    This can land us in TheStuffOfDisaster… or TheTerrainOfUnlookedForBlessing.
    That ‘we are not masters of our own fate’… is one of the most humbling facts of reality for us creatures.
    A Terror for His enemies… but the very FoundationOfComfort for all who have experienced His Mercy&Grace!
    The True&Living God is as Good as He is Great… and as Merciful as He is Mighty!

    So happy for your both to have enjoyed such a wonderful time!

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