Tuesday Favourites

  1. I’m becoming probably too attached to iced mochas with whipped cream these days. But it makes me thankful for the weather which is starting to warm alarmingy and gives me a valid excuse. (Wesley tells me it’s not hot yet.)
  2. House plants are starting to be another indulgence, because (assuming you can keep it alive) $5 will buy you something that may last you forever.
  3. This book was a colourful, entertaining and ‘are you serious?!’ read that had me retelling stories to Wesley every couple minutes. I felt a companionship with the author as we agreed in the magic and weirdness of the South.
  4. I love when I upload camera pictures periodically and find shots from Wesley’s last jaunt around the yard. Exhibit A:

5. Curry is probably the most rewarding and simple thing to make at home. Now if only Naan bread was equally doable. Anyone have some tips?

6. If you are traveling the 84 between Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama, please do yourself a favour and shoot out to Working Cow Dairy. Put some cash in the can and get the creamiest chocolate milk you will ever taste out of the big refrigerator.



10 thoughts on “Tuesday Favourites

  1. Wonderful “Entry”, Liv…

    Notes2Self… in the light of your Scribbles:
    – Addiction to “IcedMochasWithWC” is a symptom of “Health”… and probably “Wealth”… it is lawful to pray and work hard for both…
    – Better to move outside and let the plants have the house… than have too few…
    – I’ve ordered my copy of “DispatchesFromPluto”… I enjoy “magic” and “weird”…
    – I’ve superimposed a CrossHair on the pic of the back-yard critter…
    – I would be interested in the “Naan” Bread recipe…
    – I’m looking forward to visiting “WorkingCowDairy” and getting my BrownMustache!
    What ever else you do… keep writing!

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  2. I spend more time worrying that my house plants will die, than actually caring for them.

    I am so glad you liked Dispatches From Pluto! It’s so discussable… practically impossible not to tell someone certain parts!

    I’ve never tried making naan bread at home because it is so good from a restaurant and I don’t have enough faith in myself. Maybe I’ll be brave someday.



      1. I got a cast iron baking book from the library that has lots of flatbread recipes. I hope I find time to try some soon.


  3. I love reading all about your Alabama adventures!! Your book recommendations are also inspiring! I’m re-reading Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ right now, but I’m in need of something fresh to read. And I know what you mean about houseplants! Ha ha! I’m so bad at keeping them alive! The only one that lasts is my spider plant. We named it George.


      1. I didn’t know Emma was your favourite! Have you seen any of the movie adaptations? I’ve seen two: Overall I liked the BBC miniseries the best; but Miss Bates’ character in the Gwyneth Paltrow version is priceless! 😆

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