NaPoWriMo: Trimeric

This time, (in honour of the last few days of National Poetry Writing Month) I wrote a trimeric.

come with me for the evening

to calm quiet woods

eyes ahead to the dusk

while our world fades to dark

to calm quiet woods

where tall trees still prove

that deep roots take flight if given the room

eyes ahead to the dusk

where the water invites

 bold chorus of peepers, brassy song in the night

where our world fades to fuss

a forgotten stale anthem

for here there is nothing but him, i and love granted

NaPoWriMo: Part 5

So the month fizzled out with this challenge not completely met…But I thought I’d share the last few poems I wrote before time got the best of me.


exhaustion, like a gently

settling blanket

comes over me at dusk



noise maker, cheese eater

whisker wearer

night nibbler, tail scrabbler

in the dark traveler

heart thumps, eyes roll

turn, flailing

fist goes out, thumps the wall

back to sleep



Not Cinderella

my sister’s prettier, sweetest and fair

and poverty wins all the sympathy

is it my own fault I was born with too much?

and sisterhood stepped on

my crooked plain face?



iced wind under my hood

a sunglare squint from

too long inside

it’s a pussy willow spring



It starts with pride and blooms

to anger

burning holes in loving hearts

hating, it seems, can be an art



the chords that bind our hearts

at times groan against

a force of grace that gives the will to strain and find

a way to make this work.



NaPoWriMo: Part 4


“you will meet a handsome stranger”

smelling of smoke

elbow too close

flirting with the skirt and pumps

who serves with plastic smile

and I look away

the view is better to my right.



April wind is skipping

the winter’s trash across the lawn

leftover thoughts snagging trees

regrets from mind and eyes flipping

no new month, do dawn

for this February heart of mine

birds flap heads, their sounds a plea

for me, my mind, my eyes, my heart

to be fine.


the fact that needs no debating

is that I’ve always hated waiting


some days I count beginnings

others, I count the ends

like how many times will

this boy, hold my hand as I brush my teeth?


child and puppy squat perplexed

pudgy fingers and rolling skin

staring still

knowing what I must learn

that silence communicates too


well my land!

oh my word

too much birthday

and skating on thin ice

words on the walls of my memories


NaPoWriMo: Part 3


It’s not enough to share your day

when you want to share your life

Too hard to explain the complicated

weavings of people and places

when you want to throw

a few more lines to complicate your own tapestry

to tighten your worlds together

to lasso the wanderings

and tie tighter our hearts over the span of two countries.



I haven’t heard the birds sing

in six months

Even now, it took an hour to notice

a springtime symphony

outside my window




what do you want?

this rough magic?

counting kisses?

death? And the dancing footman –

one, two three! to wake the dead.

(But not the hippopotamus.)




aRtfully displayed

rEach for some







and you will find it.



And this year’s zoo haiku.

Flat on back, leg limp

lazy scratch with wrinkled paw

us, still and looking.

NaPoWriMo: Part 2


blue like the frozen April sky

like the feeling of fingertips

like a Sunday night.



when all you can do

is take one more


then take one





scarlet slices

fall from my blade

in the light

of an August night.

It doesn’t take much

to get drunk

on a Brandywine.



As the metal tube

tears through the sky

I ask,

are the two-legged, the human

meant to do this?



surrounding me

cotton candy blue sky

a dome above

some special scent

comes in on the wind.

why doesn’t someone just

cut me a slice of this prairie sky?