Mama’s Day

I went searching for a picture to post on Mother’s Day, and ended up with too many.

It’s impossible, it seems, to capture in one frame what my mother is. I know her without second thought, but sometimes I feel like there is no end to every feeling or memory wrapped up in who she is.

All the unspoken patient moments and the sacrifices I’ll never understand.

The times she listened to my adolescent weeping.

When she’d send me outside to play.

The no’s along with the yes’s.

Her days sweating under a June sun in the garden.

Her face softening as she holds a newborn.

The little ways she  laughs or asks about things in detail.

And how my Dad adores her.

She’s a skort and tank. A stern mouth and laugh lines. Fabric and hammer. Wisdom and eye roll.

She’s lemon flavoured with coconut whipped cream, and this year, I’m more thankful for her than ever.


A Little Phase

I know I usually decry ‘how to’ tutorials on this blog, but recently I’ve been slightly obsessed with multi-media/collage art. Surprisingly, Pinterest has failed me when it comes to breaking down the steps of this type of creative thing.

Maybe an inability to take pictures is part of the artistic process – who knows! It inspired me to  document what I did a few weeks ago, however. Some multi-media of my own!

So here you go…this is my experimentation with collage for a friend’s house warming present.

I used a mix of watercolours (for the sunflowers) and various acrylics to cover the old print and portions of the face and flowers.

I also wasn’t completely happy with the words in the background, so I cut out a new piece of paper that fit around the flower petals, rewrote the phrases, painted the paper white and then mod-podged it in place.

The bright black quote was written directly over everything with a fine point Sharpie. I practiced the spacing on a separate piece of paper, but honestly, the surest way to write crooked, is to over think it!

This is a different post than I usually pull together, but I hope it inspires you to do something creative today and not be afraid to make mistakes!


It Never Ends

It may take a lifetime to learn, but one tearful, after-supper conversation has helped cement this truth in my mind.

That God loves me as much at my worst, as He does when I’m serving open throttle.

That my worth does not depend on performance. That busy is no way to His favour. That His adopted child is a child forever.

Don’t fear that love, child.

Calvin says, faith is a firm and certain knowledge of God’s benevolence toward us. 

Trust that His kindness is enough to carry us. Let it colour this day beautiful, for there is nothing sweeter than knowing

God is enough.




If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….

trip for a truck and time to spare

means buying clothes for the first time in 4 months

two hours from home means making things worth your while

the beach means flip flops

the flip flop store means someone’s aunt and her gumbo

gumbo and shrimp at a fish shack

means a nightcap down the road

full bellies and sleep eye means the call of a hotel

and hotels on the beach mean a morning of sun and waffles

and new clothes to change into the next morning.

The Lord loves us in the little things and this weekend, there was abundance.


dsc00174 dsc00179 dsc00180 dsc00185

Sometimes, you just have to hit the road and squabble and laugh and try not to watch the clock.

dsc00191 dsc00194 dsc00205 dsc00198 dsc00207 dsc00206

Sometimes you need to look for the sun beams, not the invisible snake of your nightmares.

dsc00214 dsc00253 dsc00262 dsc00265 dsc00270 dsc00272 dsc00276 dsc00278

Sometimes you need to shake people’s hands when you feel tired. You can never predict a friendship.

dsc00257 dsc00282 dsc00273 16176700_1068486209947751_1807205879_n 16128568_1068486316614407_1194549683_n 16143956_1068486243281081_151374972_n

And there is nothing better than seeing your friend, with his friends.

16144447_1068486299947742_445012419_n 16144525_1068490856613953_742618052_n16176288_1068484346614604_1816795669_n

Hydrate. Often.

dsc00287 dsc00289

And sometimes, the very best thing is driving home in the night. Quiet roads and quiet hearts.