Mama’s Day

I went searching for a picture to post on Mother’s Day, and ended up with too many.

It’s impossible, it seems, to capture in one frame what my mother is. I know her without second thought, but sometimes I feel like there is no end to every feeling or memory wrapped up in who she is.

All the unspoken patient moments and the sacrifices I’ll never understand.

The times she listened to my adolescent weeping.

When she’d send me outside to play.

The no’s along with the yes’s.

Her days sweating under a June sun in the garden.

Her face softening as she holds a newborn.

The little ways she  laughs or asks about things in detail.

And how my Dad adores her.

She’s a skort and tank. A stern mouth and laugh lines. Fabric and hammer. Wisdom and eye roll.

She’s lemon flavoured with coconut whipped cream, and this year, I’m more thankful for her than ever.


Dear Little Lippy

To the girl you are and about to be, learn to laugh. It will help.

Those excuses you make? The verbal twists and denial? Just shake it out in the wind and while you’re at it toss the temper next. Slamming doors will never make you feel better.

Learn to apologize because you are grieved with your wrong doing, not because you hate conflict. Ride out the silence until you can say the words right, to God and your friend.

Waste no time wondering if you are pretty or have personality. This is only obvious to the people around you and seeking reassurance will interfere with the business of actually living.

Kill worry and turn it into prayer. Every time your sensitive stomach twists for the people around you, beat Heaven’s gate in confidence on their behalf.

Trust God. That what He says is truer and better than you will ever know. Trust that He does not hold secret suffering to tease you with and believe that His kindness will never stop.

Thank the people around you. See the world through their eyes, the brother, sisters, parents, old man and don’t be afraid to acknowledge their quiet greatness.

Play as hard as you can. Don’t be embarrassed by your own imagination. Eat popsicles and rhubarb pie. Hold lots of chickens.

And in awhile, you will grow up.



NaPoWriMo: Trimeric

This time, (in honour of the last few days of National Poetry Writing Month) I wrote a trimeric.

come with me for the evening

to calm quiet woods

eyes ahead to the dusk

while our world fades to dark

to calm quiet woods

where tall trees still prove

that deep roots take flight if given the room

eyes ahead to the dusk

where the water invites

 bold chorus of peepers, brassy song in the night

where our world fades to fuss

a forgotten stale anthem

for here there is nothing but him, i and love granted

Five Minute Friday: Sing

I’m shy about singing when I know people are listening. I don’t want them to think my private enjoyment is actually meant as performance for them.

I remember Mom once telling me that I didn’t sing as much as I used to and that she missed it.

We second guess ourselves too much.

I try to shake off the self conceit from time to time. Perhaps with practice it will become second nature and recently I caught a glimpse of that.

Walking through the store I sang to myself, not realizing it and when I did, not caring.

I know people who will burst out anywhere at anytime and I hope to become that someday. Less worried about myself and simply glad to give voice to what’s on my heart.

To sing is a deep expression of attitude and choice, deeper than I realized as the child that my mother heard from her office chair.

And now, choosing to find my way back to that girl, I’ll give voice again to those watermelon sweet days.


Newt Impressed

The other day I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and found myself face to face with a brownish and extremely long newt. It peeked out of the woodpile at me, red face furrowing whatever eyebrow substitute that newts possess.

I expected him to scuttle away immediately, but he held his ground with alarming tenacity. We locked eyes until he flickered his tongue at me, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and retreated back into the kitchen.

For the rest of the week I’ve given the woodpile a wide berth, and have seen the creature only once more. I pray I’ll never witness newt babies, but it did look like a friend was visiting the other day,..I never thought I’d be googling the reproductive habits of newts and geckos.

I keep on thinking about all this, because I feel like there might be some sort of spiritual lesson hidden in this episode. Is it the newt’s willingness to make do with whatever home, circumstances provide? Is it his respectful observance of my personal space on the patio? I can’t help thinking, what if his scowl was only misunderstood social anxiety and what if he actually wants to be friends?

In all honesty, I can only give him his space and tiptoe around him every time I go to the laundromat or to get the mail. Who can plumb the depths of a newt’s mind after all?

I’m no Gussy Fink-Nottle. 


Tuesday Favourites

  1. I’m becoming probably too attached to iced mochas with whipped cream these days. But it makes me thankful for the weather which is starting to warm alarmingy and gives me a valid excuse. (Wesley tells me it’s not hot yet.)
  2. House plants are starting to be another indulgence, because (assuming you can keep it alive) $5 will buy you something that may last you forever.
  3. This book was a colourful, entertaining and ‘are you serious?!’ read that had me retelling stories to Wesley every couple minutes. I felt a companionship with the author as we agreed in the magic and weirdness of the South.
  4. I love when I upload camera pictures periodically and find shots from Wesley’s last jaunt around the yard. Exhibit A:

5. Curry is probably the most rewarding and simple thing to make at home. Now if only Naan bread was equally doable. Anyone have some tips?

6. If you are traveling the 84 between Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama, please do yourself a favour and shoot out to Working Cow Dairy. Put some cash in the can and get the creamiest chocolate milk you will ever taste out of the big refrigerator.