Friday Favourites

  1. Apple cider in the morning.
  2. This book, which blew my mind this month.
  3. Consider the Stars, the best kind of lullaby.
  4. Learning my American presidents thanks to this podcast.
  5. Diffusing lemon, peppermint and lavender oil.
  6. Ricola cough drops. The real life savers.
  7. Green lights.
  8. The cold weather that has finally arrived!
  9. Cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds.
  10. A true picture book gem.




26 Things for 26

Hey. This is for this year.

  1. please procrastinate bathroom cleaning less
  2. learn to make a killer hot sauce
  3. volunteer
  4. be friendlier to your literal neighbours
  5. become a green card holder
  6. say yes more quickly
  7. find a piano to play
  8. pray without ceasing
  9. see a snake
  10. trust God about money
  11. go skating!
  12. learn the Lord’s delight
  13. go on more walks
  14. practice the art of NotNagging
  15. wear your glasses BEFORE the headache starts
  16. trust God about money
  17. buy more plants
  18. read books that you simply love
  19. listen harder than you talk
  20. go to bed earlier on week nights
  21. buy some blank canvases
  22. speak Truth, not just the easy stuff
  23. become a compost expert
  24. give thanks
  25. speak more words of affirmation
  26. eat a quince

Beach Throwback

That time we drove to the beach and watched fishermen. Watched the sunset, ate blackened fish and then drove home.

An efficient use of several hours, plus it resulted in two (rare) selfies of us that best can be described as IG worthy vs. Reality….

❤ you guys!

Tuesday Favourites

  1. I’m becoming probably too attached to iced mochas with whipped cream these days. But it makes me thankful for the weather which is starting to warm alarmingy and gives me a valid excuse. (Wesley tells me it’s not hot yet.)
  2. House plants are starting to be another indulgence, because (assuming you can keep it alive) $5 will buy you something that may last you forever.
  3. This book was a colourful, entertaining and ‘are you serious?!’ read that had me retelling stories to Wesley every couple minutes. I felt a companionship with the author as we agreed in the magic and weirdness of the South.
  4. I love when I upload camera pictures periodically and find shots from Wesley’s last jaunt around the yard. Exhibit A:

5. Curry is probably the most rewarding and simple thing to make at home. Now if only Naan bread was equally doable. Anyone have some tips?

6. If you are traveling the 84 between Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama, please do yourself a favour and shoot out to Working Cow Dairy. Put some cash in the can and get the creamiest chocolate milk you will ever taste out of the big refrigerator.


Stuff of Life

An early memory is eating a fresh made roll. Well, not exactly eating. I sucked all the melted butter off the top and then offered the rest to my brother.

I also remember my fresh bread rhapsodies, and my mom saying “man cannot live by bread alone” with exasperated amusement.

I can pinpoint the exact smell of bread baking. Even as a teenager, it was the happiest smell as we came back into the house. It was ordinary and special at the same time.

I didn’t know how I missed it, until on Valentine’s Day I found the recipe and sent various pictures to mom as I baked. “Is this right?”

Yeast and I have always had a troubled relationship, but there is nothing (it seems) that fridge bubbling and a hot oven can’t fix. A loaf, is the most sacred thing you can share, and Wesley and I ate it that night with a whole stick of butter.

Bread is timeless and magical. Comfort, beauty and love.

And so tradition continues.

Mish Mosh

  1. Men and tools are a unexplained phenomenon, much the same as men and pawn shops. Or men and trucks.
  2. If there is one thing you should do well, let it be taking your probiotics.
  3. I’m falling in love with Sharon Creech all over again these days. This book.
  4. Can’t stop, won’t stop craving Indian food. Naan calls my name.
  5. Still can’t decide what my favourite items from a local flea market are: the Egyptian cotton sheet set with a marijuana print, or the Confederate flag belt buckle with SEXY emblazoned on the front.
  6. I didn’t know that plants could be so sentimental until I spotted one that looked like home in the greenhouse at Lowes.
  7. And finally, a tax haiku:   taxes kill Spring’s blush                                                                                                 paper death and at the end                                                                                                   no reward, no cake.             16996705_1103881673074871_705568068_n

Wedding Throwback

When we received our wedding photos, we poured wine, sat down on the only piece of furniture in the apartment, and talked our way through the entire album.

Pictures call back the memories like nothing else can, and at a picture of the nieces, I cried because their faces were too much happiness at once.

We remembered how the moment before we became man and wife, we both saw a rooster scratching around outside the window, and smiled at each other.

When the first flower girl came down the stairs and how we all started to cry, and Wesley gave her thumbs up.

I remember looking out over the people who’d traveled to be there, and seeing the peace in my parent’s face. Hearing the tears of my bridesmaid.

How the sight of my own pies astonished me, and I couldn’t stop thanking the kitchen crew, and Erik for his emergency doughnut run.

We remembered the constant gratitude in our hearts that day, to all the people who gave their most precious thing…time…to be with us. And how generous our families were in the months leading up to that day.

We remembered the emotions of each speech, and how people’s words played in our head throughout the honeymoon. During that transition, they worked as a reminder of what we’d been given and how much love is before and behind.

And we remembered our first moments of the reality sinking down to our toes. That the wait was over…and we got to go home together for the rest of our lives.

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