Have You Not Known?

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The word majesty, when applied to God, is always a declaration of his greatness and an invitation to worship.

-J. I. Packer

Invitation where His majesty is declared. In early morning bird song. A heated pool.

When supper bubbles and someone is there to keep the light on.

To worship at the baby bassinet or the side of a hospital bed.

This life is never outside the care and concern of His greatness and we shelter in His majestic care.

Art thou afraid his power shall fail

when comes thine evil day?

And can an all creating arm

grow weary or decay?



Supreme in wisdom as in power 

The Rock of Ages stands,

Though him though canst not see, nor trace

The working of His hands.


Mere human pow’r shall fast decay 

And youthful vigor cease,

But they who wait upon the Lord

in strength shall still increase.


They with unwearied feet shall tread

the path of life divine,

with growing ardor onward move,

with growing brightness shine.

-Isaac Watts




The Joy of Man’s Desiring

“Jesus, my refuge and deliverer 

Jesus, the ground of my confidence


Jesus, mighty trampler on the serpent

Jesus, light of my life


How my heart longs for you

dear Jesus, painfully!


Come, ah come – I wait for you!

Come, O dearest Jesus.

DSC01135.JPG              25323199_1372438076219228_1113765536_n


The One we long for. The One we need, The One who has come before and will be back again. Come quickly, indeed!





Now that the weather is turning to finally match pictures of Thanksgiving pies, I find myself pulled outdoors again.

The sun becomes my friend and I pull up the blinds to welcome her.

We’ve unpacked our camp chairs from their summer hibernation in the car and they rotate from place to place on the patio. All our tramping to and fro introduces a nest of pine straw on the door mat, but we are content with the trade off.

For the first time in months, it feels like the wind can be friendly again. I ask, “Are you quite finished knocking your falling branches about?” The boughs nod and it’s in me to believe them.

I feel the urge to pot and repot my plants – one last hurrah before we close the doors. The peppers may not survive the weekend, Wesley says.

Some squirrels scold us in their hiding.

A southern weather apologist, I am not. The pros and cons would smother me in 90 degree Julys – a muggy mockery.

The only thing I’m learning to say with certainty, in fact, is the thing I’m learning to say in all things.

That this day is enough to be content. That this little joy is enough to be grateful for. And that His strength, is enough to carry me through.




Things That Go Bump in the Night

I’ve been spending more time alone recently, thanks to night shift and grown up obligations like…work.

The struggle, after months of bedtime company, is quite real. I’ve reverted to the wolf-dreaming child who lay awake with nervous cramps – fearing, dreading, imagining the worse.

I haven’t been this way for years, but in His goodness, the Lord has brought sunset as a way to teach faith. To teach that reason is not always the antidote to fear.

My cynical mind can’t be convinced of innocence anymore and as result, I find worry can’t be swept into the back of my mind. The unknowns put on convincing masks that no strategy of mine can untie.

So when night comes, my wisest course, the strongest choice; is to challenge them into the open and introduce a Protector like no other. The one who knows the End, the Truth, the Reason.

To admit fear out loud and give it up, is the only way to grow an inch. The only way to step outside and breath the dark in deeply. The only way to close your eyes.

So goodnight – I’m taking the gifts of busy hands and brave heart – and just hunkering down in the wings of Providence.





Do we leave room in our lives to love each other extravagantly?

Do we have space to give above and beyond?

Do we believe that Jesus is enough and that we are free to utterly enjoy Him?

Do we reflect the generous nature of Grace in our lives…

                                        …and in the Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Saturday evenings,

thankfully, paint the world a bit brighter with His wonder?






He Tells Us

Brin’s favourite thing is to do her copy work sitting in my lap, while I read from my phone with one hand, and scratch her back with the other. If I stop at one chapter she urges me to another.And the other day, in the middle of that famous winter-time story I read this,

“and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

This is not the traditional Christmas reading of peace on earth. This is special. An intent of peace-making that declares Jesus the king of it.

And the next day I read another verse, a song of heavenly hosts to come,

“He brought me out into a broad place;

He rescued me, because he delighted in me.”

And in the amen those words pleased and delighted nearly scandalized me. Because I understand the fall, justice and at least the idea of substitution. I can wrap my mind around a crisp, legal agreement where we are at least happy to scrape through and stand in the back row of Heaven.

This delight is something new all together, though. God’s pleased face as He restores peace to the chaos is an idea that seems too good to be true. And His care because He not only sees me as righteous, but also as delightful, is so deeply humbling, gratitude for grace bubbles up again.

If we set our faces to this world as those assured of God’s delight in us and His mission to bring beauty out of the ashes, we might walk the hum-drum differently. Praise God for the joy to be more than conquerors this day, and tomorrow.



26 Things for 26

Hey. This is for this year.

  1. please procrastinate bathroom cleaning less
  2. learn to make a killer hot sauce
  3. volunteer
  4. be friendlier to your literal neighbours
  5. become a green card holder
  6. say yes more quickly
  7. find a piano to play
  8. pray without ceasing
  9. see a snake
  10. trust God about money
  11. go skating!
  12. learn the Lord’s delight
  13. go on more walks
  14. practice the art of NotNagging
  15. wear your glasses BEFORE the headache starts
  16. trust God about money
  17. buy more plants
  18. read books that you simply love
  19. listen harder than you talk
  20. go to bed earlier on week nights
  21. buy some blank canvases
  22. speak Truth, not just the easy stuff
  23. become a compost expert
  24. give thanks
  25. speak more words of affirmation
  26. eat a quince