Dear Little Lippy

To the girl you are and about to be, learn to laugh. It will help.

Those excuses you make? The verbal twists and denial? Just shake it out in the wind and while you’re at it toss the temper next. Slamming doors will never make you feel better.

Learn to apologize because you are grieved with your wrong doing, not because you hate conflict. Ride out the silence until you can say the words right, to God and your friend.

Waste no time wondering if you are pretty or have personality. This is only obvious to the people around you and seeking reassurance will interfere with the business of actually living.

Kill worry and turn it into prayer. Every time your sensitive stomach twists for the people around you, beat Heaven’s gate in confidence on their behalf.

Trust God. That what He says is truer and better than you will ever know. Trust that He does not hold secret suffering to tease you with and believe that His kindness will never stop.

Thank the people around you. See the world through their eyes, the brother, sisters, parents, old man and don’t be afraid to acknowledge their quiet greatness.

Play as hard as you can. Don’t be embarrassed by your own imagination. Eat popsicles and rhubarb pie. Hold lots of chickens.

And in awhile, you will grow up.




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